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Montessori Methods

Empower your teaching skills

Give the teacher in you the upper edge in innovative teaching skills. Montessori Teaching Methods are the trend in educating kids now!

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Realtime Training

Get experience while you study

IMTTC offers internship for its students in International play schools. We collaborate with GO KIDS Pre school for training.

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Enrich your Career

Become a certified Montessori Teacher

IMTTC offers International Diploma through its various courses so that you get highly demanding certificate to fly start your career.

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How to become a Great Teacher!

Montessori provides novice concepts to master the art of teaching nursery students. IMTTC is following the internationally approved teaching methods to train our students.

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International Montessori Teacher Training Centre

An ISO 9000:2015 certified institution

Preschool or nursery education is very crucial for a child which can mould one's attitudes and behavior in later stages. This point is being recognized by today's parents and hence the demand for internationally recognized and qualified Montessori, Nursery and Preschool teachers are growing day by day as that is regarded as a scientific method of over-all development for a child.

International Montessori Teacher Training Centre (IMTTC) believes in this concept and has formulated various courses, all approved by renowned educational institutions, to polish the best teacher in you. IMTTC has a tailor made curriculum that helped several students to attain the right teaching jobs in India and abroad.
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