Work Experience Certificate

Our Training

International Montessori Teacher Training centre organizes regular traditional class observations and training sessions on adaptation of Montessori Method with kids aged from 2yrs to 6yrs for all trainees at  different   montessori based schools all over India.

Professional Highlights

The superb, curriculum manuals are prepared, with the guidance of the instructor, to become your lifetime teacher resource guide.

Award of Diploma

The Diploma is awarded on satisfactory completion of the course, which is assessed by: Written coursework, set throughout the course in the form of tutorials. Production of reference files on the practical materials. Making of language and cultural teaching materials. Detailed observations of children & submission of Internship Report Passing marks must be obtained on written examinations conducted by the Examiners. Admission to the training course does not guarantee certification. The diploma will help you to get a job in India and around the world.

Placement Guidance

Most of the students who pass out from IMTTC find immediate employment, on their own, either in the Montessori Houses where they intern or in schools in their home towns, however the outstanding students will be offered job by INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL. The demand for Montessori trained teachers is large and even ordinary schools prefer to take Montessori qualified teachers for their pre-school division.

Experience Certificate

After successful completion of the course along with an internship program each student will be awarded an on-the-job experience certificate from  INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL.

Training Partner

All training sessions will be conducted in association with various International School.

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